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Life After Fifty (LAF) provides recreational programs and support services for adults age fifty and up.

We have two locations in the City of Windsor:

  • Our West Side Centre (WSC) is located on McEwan Avenue (across from Adie Knox) and
  • our East Side Centre (ESC) is located inside The WFCU Centre (Inside the Pool Entrance) on McHugh Street. 

Both facilities meet convenience and wellness standards, including: street-level locations for accessibility, offers free parking, on a bus route, and bike racks.  

Regular weekly programs fall under three core categories:

  • Health and Wellness (“Be fit!”),
  • Skills Development and Hobbies (“Be well!”), and
  • Personal Connections (“Be social!”).   

The Membership fee is $10/ month, (or $120/ year) and this includes access to all of our programs. Non-members are welcome to come in to eat at the LAF Cafe at the West Side Centre.

Our agency also provides Support Services including:

  • Friendly visiting,
  • Telephone Assurance,
  • Foot Care and
  • Home Maintenance Supports.  

These services are designed to prevent social isolation and other health and mental health issues that older adults experience, and keep people living at home safely and independently for as long as possible.

Life After Fifty is always working to meet the need of older adults in our community. 
As we move forward, we will continue to evaluate our services to ensure that we remain accessible, relevant and beneficial to our valued members and the community. 

Vision: Leading the way to vibrant and healthy lives.
Mission: Enriching the lives of older adults by providing opportunities to be fit, well and social!
Values: Inclusivity, Responsibility, Self-determination, Collaboration.

Please enjoy some quotes from our Members:

  • If we didn’t have this place, we’d just be sitting at home.”
  • “The reason I’m now in a happy state of mind is because of Life After Fifty. I have a new purpose in life, a reason to get up and dressed in the morning.”
  • “I now come to the Centre 2-4 times a week. I haven’t been this happy in years.”

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Registered Charity Number: BN 10745 0116 R0001
GST Number: 107450116 RT0001

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Support LAF!

Support LAF!

Beautiful Adult Colouring Books - on sale now at LAF. Proceeds support programs & services. $14/ each. 

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Better Living Day

Save the date for a day of workshops and fun custome made by you!

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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch

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